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who we are

Our core function is to be the mediator between committee members, homeowners, local authorities, service providers, and all other stakeholders, leading to enhancements within the community.

About HOAM

As one of the most reputable leading Owners’ Association Management Services provider, HOAM’s highly experienced staff understands the needs of each community and customizes services accordingly to deliver exceptional results. At HOAM, we aim to provide our communities with a sense of luxury living and ensure that the properties we manage are in compliance with international standards.

We at HOAM integrate practical experience of local environments with international standards, to provide efficient services and manage communities in line with the law.

We don’t believe in simply getting the job done, but rather put effort in the quality of work we provide in building communities.

HOAM - Highrise Owners Association Management, Dubai UAE

what makes HOAM stand out

• Thorough understanding of the applicability of "Jointly Owned Property law"

• Provide quality services in an efficient and effective manner

• State of the art community management software

• Technical, legal, financial and other consultancy services

what HOAM stands for

To increase property values and the sense of a community in the developments we manage
To provide quality living standards to/for residents
We form healthy and long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders built on transparency and honest

what we do

HOAM provides Owners Affairs Management Services to residential, commercial, villas and mixed-use properties.

and we do best

Are you looking to uplift the value of your association? Want it to be more appealing to the current and future residents? Or perhaps, increase the efficiency of your daily operations? Or simply solve management and maintenance issues?

If you are, then by bringing on the expertise of our association management teams, we can present a cost-effective solution for establishing, restoring, or refurbishing your association.

By mediating and maintaining the connection between owners and facility management companies, we take over all management concerns away from owners and preserve the value of the property, providing a safer and more enjoyable environment for residents.

Awarded YES EMIRATES appreciation, by Federation of U.A.E Chambers of Commerce & Industry


As an Owners Association Management, HOAM oversees the execution and delivery of the services to guarantee that the owners are experiencing what they paid for.

HOAM Services

HOAM Dubai Owners Association Management
Owners Association Management Services


HOAM gives its services to Owners Associations of residential, commercial and mixed-used properties. By mainstay in the connection between the owners and the facility management companies, we take all the worries away from the owners, maintain the value of the property, and provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for residents.


Our OAM services also include preparing budgets, service charge invoicing and collection, building insurance, to supervising maintenance of the common areas and performing regular inspections and audits.

HOAM Dubai Administrative Management Services
Administrative Management Services


We at HOAM also provide administrative management services, using state of the art applications to streamline operations and provide e-services to residents and owners. We also provide services which include record management, organising the general assembly and board meetings and ensuring our service performance complies with legal, health and safety standards.


Our association management team can advise on any aspect of superintendence decision-making, helping you to efficiently save money and meet objectives.


Our community specialists focus on the day-to-day management of facilities, apprising Owners Association and integrating with departments, vendors, and suppliers where suitable..

HOAM Dubai Association Management Consultancy
Association Management Consultancy


We provide professional consultancy services to developers and associations which are tailored to your requirements and budget without compromising on objectives through our analysis, research, and strategy.



Perhaps you are looking to uplift your association value or want to achieve a specific need or role? Or increase the efficiency of your daily operations? Or simply solve management and maintenance issues?


Well if you are, by bringing on the expertise of our association management teams, we can present a cost-effective solution, whether establishing, restoring or refurbishing your association back to its ultimate brilliance.

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+971 4 335 5523

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